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Aleppo Bylon powder

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Aleppo Bylon powder


Aleppo Bylon powder is an ancient oriental remedy, scrub gently cleanse your skin of dead skin particles, moisturize and make a smoother skin surface. Jasmine is a wonderful tonic and nutrient, so scrub suitable for all skin types. After the procedure your skin will be enveloped in a rich and sensual aroma of jasmine that will soothe the nervous system, strengthen the mind, relieve anxiety and alarm. Jasmine facial scrub can also be used as a nutrient mask.


To prepare the scrubs you need a teaspoon of the powder. Gradually, small portions, add the powder to warm water until creamy consistency. Leave for a few minutes to grass to absorb water and swell. Gentle circular massaging scrub, apply to damp face, neck and chest area. For best effect, you can leave the scrub on your face for 5-10 minutes, until dry. After the procedure remains the scrub rinse with warm water.