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Siwak natural tooth brush

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Siwak natural tooth brush Siwak is the natural tooth brush helps to keep your mouth clean and makes strong your gums and teeth.


Miswak or Siwak Al-Haramain is taken from the Araak Tree when its age is between

2~3 years.

Araak Tree is similar to the pomegranate tree, its branches arc prickly.

Traditionally, Siwak is used in the East. It's natural tooth brush keeps your mouth clean, and strengthen gums and teeth.

How to use Siwak?

Remove the stick from the package and trim or chew the bark off one end of the stick about 1~2 inch. Chew on the exposed end until the twig forms bristles. Brush as usual.

Every few days when bristles look like an old broom, you must cut off the exposed bristles, peel bark and start anew.

No toothpaste required. Fresh you mouth with natural brush.

Benefits of Siwak

  1. Strengthens the gums and prevents tooth decay.

  2. Whitens teeth, and Eliminates toothaches.

  3. Removes bad odors, creates a fragrance in the mouth.

  4. Fights germs & bacteria, and cure for illness.

  5. Improves sense of taste, and sharpens the memory.

  6. Clears the voice.

  7. Strengthens and stop bleeding gums.