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Green Grass Oil

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Green Grass Oil
 Green Grass Oil

Alhashesh oil has a good benefits for people who is suffering from hair loss every day, it will help your hair to stop fallen, and protect it, and you will get
a desired results after a week of use it.

1. Put a little of oil and scrub your scalp smoothly, leave it
for 3~4 hours then wash it with warm water.
Repeat it every day.

2. To get best results of usage, put fourth cup of oil in a small bowl
and heat it for 5 minutes, then leave it until become cool, and
then you can use the oil after get cool to scrub your scalp smoothly,
leave the oil on your scalp and hair 6~8 hours, and then wash it
with a warm water.
Repeat this 5 days a week, and you get a best results.