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Luxury Ser Alfakhamieh Shower Gel

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Luxury Ser Alfakhamieh Shower Gel

This Luxury Shower Gel is a secret of luxury fragrance, and seven oils.
It contains of nourishing natural oils:
1, Olive Oil.
2, Chamomile Oil.
3, Grape Seed Oil.
4, Sesame Oil.
5, Aloe Vera Oil.
6, Sweet Almond Oil.
7, Castor Oil.

This Shower Gel also is containing of 7 Arab Perfume Oils:
1, Aloes wood oil.
2, Amber Oil.
3, Musk Oil.
4, Saffron Oil.
5, Bakhoor Oil.
6, Taef Rose Oil.
7, Sandalwood Oil.