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Aleppo Soap 30%

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Aleppo Soap 30%
Aleppo Soap with Laurel Oil 30%

Aleppo soap is known as Aleppo Ghar Soap, Savon dAlep, Alep soap, Olive soap, Syrian soap, and in Arabic Language  "Sapun Ghar"
Aleppo soap is a traditional soap in Syria, made of olive & laurel oil, helps to prevent hair loss, anti-dandruff, and also it aids in the recovery of skin diseases because Laurel oil has an effective cleanser, and antibiotic.
and olive oil has beneficial to moisturize the skin, regenerating skin cells and softening the tissue.

The history of making Aleppo Soap:

For over 3,000 years, the making of Aleppo traditional soap has been repeated and unchanged process. Olive oil and laurel oil are the fundamental ingredients to make this old soap. Aleppo soap boilers in Aleppo is starting during winter – from November to March of each year. The mixture of the soap poured on to a flat surface, like a shallow swimming pool, and then cooled and dried for almost seven months.
The resulting block of green, roughly-cut fresh soap was cut and branded with the maker's stamp. It takes about six to nine months to dry on racks in well aerated arches, and then keeps to store to get that old traditional shape.