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Kessab Laurel Oil Soap 50%

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Kessab Laurel Oil Soap 50%

From the Home of Laurel trees (Kessab) we brought to you
a Kessab Soap which made of finest Olive, and Laurel oil.

Our soap is produced by Cold-Process, it is obtained with laurel and olive oil.
Totally free of animal or industrial fats. The final characteristics of any soap obtained by the addition of natural substances becomes a biological product, using flowers' petals, glycolic essences and glycerine, are all biodegradable “extras”

This natural soap nourishes and cleans the skin and gives strength and freshness.
It helps to nourish hair from the root, prevents hair loss and make the hair stronger, longer, smooth and anti-dandruff.

1, Rich in Vitamin E, it helps to prevent skin aging, and reduces the wrinkles.
2, Clear away dirt and grease on skin, and nourish your skin easily.
3, It helps to keep your skin shiny, and moisture.
4, Stop fallen of the hair, and make it grows back again in a short time.
5, Anti-Bacteria, and prevent the skin, and hair itching.
6, Anti-Dandruff.