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Jadayel with Seven Oils

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Jadayel with Seven Oils

Jadayel with Seven Oils is a natural pure food for your hair, and the only way to
remove dandruff and falling hair it makes your Hair soft, silky, longer, and shiny.
It helps to make hair more stronger, and grows hair back again in a short time.
This oil is a good solution as a treatment for damaged hair and reduces fallen of the hair.
It gives strength to hair roots and promotes hair growth. It gently makes your hair longer, stronger, smooth, silky and shiny all time, and it  is suitable for all hair types.

It's enriched with 7 oils extracts:

1, Chamomile oil.
2, Lettuce oil.
3, Coconut oil.
4, Almond oil.
5, Castor oil.
6, Laurel oil.
7, Aloe Vera .