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Pearl Cream with Lavender

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Pearl Cream with Lavender

Dark spots can appear on your skin "Arms, Legs, and Thighs" for various reasons.
Dark armpits or dark underarms is a skin discoloration problem that makes one’s
underarms to appear darker one’s normal body skin tone.
To solve darkening area of your body, we offer you a Pearl Cream with Lavender
which helps to exfoliate, and removes dead cells, and make the skin gets its
light, bright, and normal tone that you like.

1, Helps to make skin lighter, and brighter.
2, It's suitable for all skin types.
4, Makes the skin soft, tender and glowing.
5, It can be used for Men, and Women.

How to Apply Pearl Cream:

Start with a clean the dark areas, and apply a small amount of Pearl Cream,
gently massage the cream into your skin.
Wait for your skin to absorb the cream before getting dressed.