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Cucumber Essence Scrub

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Cucumber Essence Scrub

Cucumber Essence Scrub helps to tone, and refresh the skin. It fights
effectively large pores and reduces oiliness. It's good to lighten the
complexion of the skin, and revitalizing the skin. It has a bleaching property
and works as in rejuvenating the skin, removing the tanning too, which be
affected on the skin. Cucumbers have the ability to reduces the appearance
of dark circles. This Scrub is suitable for all of the skin types.

Key of Benefits:

1, Cucumber is the best solution as an Acne treatment.
2, Removes the puffiness in the eye region.
3, Improved skin complexion.
4, Anti-wrinkles, and reduces the fine lines.


Start to clean the face with a warm water, then apply it to a wet skin,
massage it gently, and rinse.