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Ginger Oil

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Ginger Oil
Reduce toxins in skin cells while increasing blood circulation helps to reduce the appearance of aging.

Blemishes and Acne :
Ginger contains powerful antiseptic and cleansing qualities, minimising the rate of spot and acne formation by actively killing bacteria on the skin’s surface and deep inside the pores.

Soothes burns and blisters:
Ginger oil soothes and heal blisters, burned skin or sun burn.

Skin toning :
While cleaning, fighting blemishes and making your skin more radiant, ginger also gets to work on toning your skin.

Fights dandruff :
Ginger contains natural antiseptic properties which help to fight dandruff issues.

Split ends :
With its anti-oxidants, ginger can seriously help to repair any split ends and dry hair problems. Mix some ginger oil with your shampoo and watch how its natural moisturising powers help to fix any dryness.

Stimulates hair growth :
Not only does ginger reduce hair loss, but it increases blood circulation to the scalp, also It can make your hair silky and shiny at the same time.