About Us

The Beginning

Our journey started back in 2011, because we believed that beauty and personal care have an important role in our lives, we started Kesabella, a brand focused on spreading the values of self-love and self-care.

At first we set up shop in Syria, for two years we worked on growing our brand even through the hard times Syria was going through, in 2013, we moved to Lebanon and we worked on expanding our brand , giving customers a one of a kind personal care experience, from the moment they enter our shop through every time they use any of our products.

Aleppo Soap
Our first product

At first, we started selling Aleppo soap, the pinacle of oriental care products, also called Syrian Traditional Soap, Saboun Ghar Halab and Savon d’Alep.

We started with one variation, Aleppo Soap with 5% concentration, we proceeded to build our own large range of concentrations going from 5% to 70%.

Our Strategy

After the success of Aleppo Soap, we grew our brand to various scented soap products, like Damas Rose Soap, Oud Soap, Black Cumin Seed Soap.

As we grew bigger, the market did too, the demand on different products started racking in, that’s when Kesabella spread into a multi-brand strategy,  giving our clients a great range of products to choose from and enjoy. These products varied in all price ranges across all categories, including but not limited to, skincare, haircare, bath and body care, fragrance, incenses and even home air fresheners.

Kesabella has been expanding ever since, our brand now includes a huge range of herbal and essential oils to keep our customers feeling fresh and smelling even fresher.

Our Goals, Mission And values

We value Self-love above anything else, and we encourage our team and our clients to implement it through self-care, since for us, self-care and self-love are important parts of living a happy, joyful life because taking care of ourselves is essential for a healthy life.

Here at Kesabella, the customer’s satisfaction is our main purpose and that’s why we make sure that every day we provide the best products and services to keep our clients happy and feeling great.

The Kesabella experience is not limited to our products, our goal is to provide consumers around the world with a perfect choice of self-care brands, improve our own products line to meet the demand, and assure a great shipping experience with affordable and reliable delivery options.

The Culture of Kesabella

When we work, we do it very well.

We work on improving our products and services on the daily, making sure we offer high performance services and the finest products keeping our clients happy and eager to try more!

Problem-Solving and support

Here at Kesabella, we have a highly trained team to solve any issue that could occur in delivery, in the purchase, or any other occurrence.
Thats how we work, that’s how we grow.