What is Aleppo Soap: Benefits, and Uses For Hair, Skin, and Body

Wednesday, 02 March 2022 | Carl Costantine

Aleppo Soap production company

Aleppo soap is good as its naturally nourishing qualities.
It’s the most all-natural products. Aleppo soap is versatile and can be used on the face, body and hair, and shaving.
Whether you have tried aleppo soap before, or it’s your first time looking into it, we sited more benefits in this other blog, if you would like to know more please message us and we will tell you all about it!

The Aleppo Soap ingredients
Aleppo Soap Ingredients:
This soap doesn’t have a lot of ingredients, but they all-natural: Olive oil, laurel berry oil, sodium hydroxide and water.

Street in Syria

Where Does Aleppo Soap Come From?
Authentically made in Aleppo, Syria, it dates back to the 8th century A.D.

What are the benefits of Aleppo soap?
This soap is made of olive, and laurel oil which have very good effect as anti bacteria, and helps to strengthen the hair, and reduce the hair fallen.
It’s typically has a laurel oil content of 5~70% and a characteristically rich earthy fragrance that makes it a pleasure to use.
It has an efficient way to fight acne and eczema, it’s very good as skin moisturizer.

Aleppo Soap Branding

Can I Use Aleppo Soap For Hair?
Aleppo soap is ‘all-in-one’ product and is perfect for all skin types, including skin prone to acne and other itchy, inflammatory skin conditions.
It can be used to wash the face, body and hair, and lathered to create a natural shaving cream.

Aleppo Soap's before branding

Some of the skincare benefits of Aleppo soap:
Cleanses and purifies without stripping the skin’s natural essential oils.
The olive oil hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes dry, flaky skin.
Laurel oil has ability to treat eczema, and acne.
Together olive oil and laurel bay oil help calm redness, irritation and inflammation.
Has Antiseptic, Antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Aleppo Soap in the making