Aleppo Soap


It’s really amazing how Aleppo Soap benefits for the skin and hair and that due to its naturally nourishing qualities.
Aleppo soap (or Savon d’Alep) It acts as a gentle cleanser and is well-tolerated by even
the most sensitive skin, it’s made of Olive oil, and Laurel Berry Oil.
Traditional Aleppo Soap can be used to wash the face, body and hair,and lathered to create a natural shaving cream.
In addition to its rich benefits, this anti-hair loss soap is useful as a shampoo because it is helpful to counteract hair loss and dandruff, and helps to keep scalp hydrated, and reduce hair dryness.
It’s effective as anti-fungal, and antibacterial, and treat acne, eczema, and skin redness
It’s good for allergic skin and skin rashes.
It nourishes, and moisturizes the skin, cleans and removes odors and dead skin.
Aleppo Soap as Natural Shaving Alternative:
The antibacterial properties of the Laurel Oil makes Aleppo Soap the perfect shaving cream, work up a lather with a shaving brush or in your hands.


Laurel Oil, Olive Oil, Caustic, Water.

NET WT 7.oz (200g) +/-5g


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