Dry Hair Shampoo


Whether it’s heat, sun exposure, dust or humidity, your hair goes through a lot in a normal daily life, and all of this can cause dryness in your hair and scalp, but these are things you can’t control, what you can do is use our Dry Hair Shampoo, your go-to solution for your hair problems, with its natural blend of almond oil, sesame oil and black seed oil, it will lower your scalps dryness and itchiness and it helps absorb natural oils produced by your scalp.
Filled with the right nutrients, Dry Hair Shampoo will improve your hair’s health, keeping it in a good, clean condition while reducing split ends, breakage and fading.
On top of all that, it gives your hairstyle a fuller, more voluminous look and a delightful smell while preserving bleached and colored hair.

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Propolis, black seed oil, sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil,
sweet almond oil, bitter almond oil, castor seed oil, hazelnut oil, grape oil.

NET WT 8.5.oz (250ml)


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